Thursday, July 8, 2010

Radio Days

My job can be pretty fun at times. I'm in sales so the highs and the lows are not, in any way, stable, they're all over the map. The driving required is never ending, although it is comprised of 10 minute jaunts from one location to another. Either way my radio time is fierce. My love for the talk radio format knows no ends.

Television is fine, sports can be interesting, movies I can usually do without, but fucking talk radio is perfect, when done right of course. Very few do it right and even those who even tire me out after 4 years of listening to them. So now I play several different Sirius games.

Recently I've started at Hit's 1 and run through the dial through 90's on 9. The channels, best I can tell, go like this.
  1. Today's awful hits.
  2. Basically the songs you hear while grocery shopping, mostly the ones you don't recognize.
  3. Love. Think classic love songs here, more dentist waiting room variety than Bright Eyes.
  4. 40's on 4. Amazing jazz from the swinging 40's, great stuff. Duke Ellington was on today.
  5. 50's on 5. The pop music that eventually turned into Chuck Berry and the Beatles.
  6. 60's on 6. The same as 50's only 10 years older. Add to the mix some Woodstock bands.
  7. 70's on 7. Mix of tight leather pants rock and Disco, either way nearly un-listenable.
  8. 80's on 8. Pretty good, a lot of soundtrack bull shit that makes it harder to love.
  9. 90's on 9. This is like riding the bus in middle/high school. It makes me sick but I know all the fucking words.
I start on 1 and only change the station when I come across a song whose lyrics are completely unfamiliar to me. This game goes rather quickly.
  1. I don't last a song. Fuck, I don't last a chorus and I'm better for it.
  2. Last week I knew a song.
  3. I could snag up here for about 1-4 songs. Today I had 3 in a row (Endless Love was in there somewhere.)
  4. Wish I knew these lyrics, this is (other than Howard 100) my favorite channel on Sirius.
  5. I could spend a really long time here, but usually there is one thrown in that is new to me. I'd say about 10 songs is my record.
  6. This station could keep me all day if I'm not lucky. A lot of the songs are annoying but I know them regardless.
  7. Please let it be disco!!! If it is, I won't know it and off I go. It's wonderful. If it's rock I'm stuck for a while thanks to a job I had painting houses with a bunch of old school rocker-types.
  8. Surprisingly difficult. This station can throw real curve balls at you via pop music that sucks as much now as it did then.
  9. The bane of my life. I can never get away from this station. I know every fucking song from Creed to Snoop Dee-oh-double-gee.
Why is 90's music so fucking awful? Why didn't radio stations play the Pixies, Pavement, and other relevant bands who survived the test of time? Literally nobody who really blew up in the 90's is still alive today save for Pearl Jam and Phish. Do you know what else those bands have in common??? If you said "They're unbelievably boring," congratulations!!! You're not an idiot! (sorry Jay.)

If you could go back in time and tell your 12 year old self to listen to any band who would it be?

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