Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Everything Is Wonderful, Let's Go To Therapy!!!

I repeat very few things in life, there was 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 8th grade, and 12th grade, but other than that I try to repeat very little, at least on this blog, regardless I know that I've said these two things many times; (a) I have the best fucking girl ever invented as my fiancé and (b) I subscribe to Psychology Today. This magazine is, in fact, the resource that led me to my therapist. Now, it's led us both there.

If you've not been following along to my blog or you don't follow my wonderful twitter than perhaps you don't know that I'm fucking way engaged right now!!! (She makes sense of it all in ways that I cannot, so read this.) This relationship, we together as a couple, I mean...shit, we'd make you puke. Honestly, we are stupidly perfect for each other, we make each other laugh like tomorrow is nothing more than a welcome surprise. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that we are a million times happier than you we decided to go to couple's therapy.

In the latest Psychology Today there is an article (written by some girl from Santa Monica who you hate because she writes like she's super fucking annoying) about a couple who went to therapy waaaay early on. Maybe this spurred the idea to go discuss a few things or maybe we just thought it would be fun, either way that's where we were yesterday.

Running down the street, laughing and joking (read: walking slowly while I made stupid jokes and she humored me) we made it a few minutes late to my normal therapist. We spent the next 50 minutes talking about little thing. Our entire reasoning was this relationship is it. It's fucking it!!! There is no other relationship, so let's get the oil changed rather than letting the engine blow up and having to later replace it (which is my small-town way of saying let's keep everything wonderful and gay! (gay is my non-small-town way of saying happy.))

I'm not going to go into the things we talked about because it's both personal and small I'm just so excited that my life has turned into this wonderful little story. I feel like Duke Ellington is playing as I'm walking around Echo Park Lake in some Woody Allen (dark match) comedy about how relationships can actually work out. So, go get help while things are good! I think it'll keep them that way.

We walked into therapy smiling, laughing, and reassuring one another, we walked out, bought cupcakes and laughed about how small things can become serious when you're paying $100 an hour. In the end though, it seems least Woody would be proud...we hope.

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