Monday, June 14, 2010

The Real World: Yoga City

If you are reading this and you grew up in the Northeast than you know exactly what a crisp autumn afternoon feels like. It's nearly indescribable by most people and 100% by me, try as I may no words I've ever strung side by side have come close to the feeling of a fall day.

There is something magical about the way clothing grows a thick fuzz and the leaves turn towards the ground and stare at the impending fate. The air is as rich with fresh tides as the trees are as ripe with decay. Summer's heat gives way enough for the snap to return to the parade of people enjoying their last moments of outside solace before the winter takes them back into the covers that thinly protect the bone chilled air creeping through old construction. Autumn is magic and everyone who has spent time where I grew up knows this simple fact.

To me, the snap of the season is a feeling of childhood and a feeling of being home again. While this is simple because it is where I spent 1/4 of my first 18 years (not to mention probably the most memorable parts due to it also being back to school time) but I believe there is a romance that would be noticed by most anyone. Perhaps it's generational but somehow walking into my first ever Yoga class today I was struck with the feeling that I was walking into early 90's New York or San Francisco.

Somehow the glamor of going to yoga seemed so grown up, sophisticated, and big city...mostly though, it seemed very Real World - circa when it was important (read: first few seasons.) There are few things that really make me feel like I'm one of those people and somehow being at yoga gave me the sense that even I, if it had timed out properly, could have been a great character on The Real World.

Do you remember when reality shows seemed real? When they weren't a giant money making formula created to sell soap? Do you remember when they taught us (Small Town USA) to love people who were a different color? Do you remember when you first realized you liked gay people (thanks Norman!)? Life was so much more simple when you could watch The Real World and figure out what to wear and who to emulate; when owning the soundtrack to 'Singles' meant you had an older sibling who was pretty mainstream; and when flannel meant you were in touch with your emotions on some level.

I pretty much hate the 90's. I don't miss them at all. I'm just glad that it only took me to 2010 and the age of 30 to realize my 1992 (12 year old) dream of being sophisticated.

Oh right, I should mention that I waited until after class to fart, I feel like (while hilarious it may have been) it may have ruined the sophistication level that I was hoping to feel. Also, I was always really scared to go to yoga because I have no clue what I'm doing, if you feel the same way, you really shouldn't, it's easy - just go with an awesome friend and co-conspirator, that makes it easy and wonderful.


Krystal said...

ok, i liked this post. and the farting thing made me laugh because i was at yoga last night and at one point the teacher was all 'now listen to your body and do whatever it needs to feel better right now' and that's exactly what i felt like doing even though i never would, but it killed me how un-funny it would have been at the moment!

SeaEych said...

Maybe not funny to you but believe me I would have loved every second of it. Sounds like your instructor was practically begging for it!

YasonSpringer said...

My girlfriend goes to yoga every Monday and asks me to go every now and then. First of all, I'm really tall and somewhat uncoordinated so I can just imagine myself going for a stretch and hitting someone in the face. Secondly, We haven't broken the fart barrier yet and being put in all those strange positions my force one out of me and that would be a horrible place to break the barrier...That is why I haven't gone to yoga.

SeaEych said...
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SeaEych said...

Yason, yes, you may be tall and uncoordinated but that shouldn't stop you from telling your girlfriend; "honey, you farted in your sleep last night so...(then just rip one.)"

I'm really not a grammar nazi but I think a fart, when used as a punchline, belongs within the quotes, right?