Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dudley Benjamin Franklin Hughes

When something goes wrong, I'll bring it up...even if it was my fault. Actually, I pride myself in my ability to admit when I'm wrong and also to do the hard thing first (or at least quickly.) I'm not saying this makes me a good person or a bad person. I'm not saying it makes me anything other than a little proud at times. It certainly can get me into trouble and often times it leaves me feeling less than great.

I moved to LA almost 5 years ago and I acquired a dog shortly thereafter (not Mona - who rode shotgun from NY.) His name was Dudley, which not only fit him well but also sounded pretty awesome, so I expanded on it, but kept it. Dudley Benjamin Franklin Hughes.

This post could be sentimental as all fuck. Dripping with emotion. Etc. But, I think it's all too soon still honestly.

Mona is a high strung and active dog, as Corgis tend to be, so I wanted the yin to her yang and found Dudley at an adoption event. It was at a small dog ranch's booth where ~20 dogs were behind a wire fence; yipping, yapping, and jumping at every person who walked by. Then in the back, there sat one dog, who stole people's seats when they got up and happily jumped down when the person returned. All he wanted, it seemed, was a comfortable seat. 5 days later I brought him home.

He is a fantastic dog, I truly love him. Now, with a heavy heart I must find him a new home as our journey together must sadly end. He is the most loving dog you could ever meet. He wants to cuddle, he wants a scratching, he wants some love, he wants to nap, and he wants someone to love...that's about all. As far as what he doesn't want it's really just one thing; cat friends. He has no interest in cats, in fact I'm pretty sure he hates them.

Next Saturday will be an amazing day for many reason. I'm starting my new life with the girl I plan to marry and with any luck (and yes, I will need luck) Dudley will also be starting a wonderful new chapter in his little doggie life too. While I love Dudley so very much I have no doubt that I'm making the right decision. When trying to introduce him to my girlfriend's cats he got so stressed that by the time we left the house his hair was literally coming out in clumps...there is no way to make him happy with cats around.

I feel horrible. So if you're going to comment about what an asshole I am, go right ahead, pile it on.

Many of my friends have watched him over the years and never has there been a problem. He loves everyone and is as happy with them as he is with me. I've never been jealous of his ability to spread his love around, I've always just been glad that he is so welcoming of all people. He's truly a great dog.

He is a goofy boy with a tongue that doesn't always stay in his mouth while sleeping.

He's a hell of a science-fiction novelist.

And honestly, if you have 2 legs, he has nothing but love in his heart for you.

Dudley, I know you can't read (and if you could you'd probably not waste your time on my blog) but I hope you know how much happiness you've brought me over the past four years. I'm so sorry to see you go ole chap but I promise that you'll be going somewhere where love is pouring out the doorway to greet you...I don't really know where that will be just yet but I'm sure to figure it out before too long. I promise, however, that we will go to all lengths to make sure it's the best fit for you.

Remember me fondly but bring your love to another lonely soul, after all, that's how you found me and you're leaving me in a much better place. Perhaps it's your job, you're a loneliness-hacking-dog.

I miss your stupid face already.

(Editors Note: I think it's awful when people 'abandon' their pets. Honestly I'm up against a wall here. He would never be happy in a house with cats and I want for him to be loved, be a part of a family and not be sequestered off in some room by himself. Believe me, I feel awful about this...I can't see the computer screen right now because my glasses are going through the car-wash, or something. If you are reading this and you have any suggestions they are very welcome at this point. I'm so overwhelmed with happiness in all other aspects of my life, if you can help me give that same feeling to Dudley, I'll forever be indebted. Cheers.)


Hi. My name is Caroline, and I like strange things. said...

He has the cutest fucking face I've ever seen.

YasonSpringer said...

I'm so sad to hear the news man but you are doing the right thing. Dudley is a great dog, and if he can't be around cats, then he should be in another home. I'm sure you've thought of this but I'm gonna throw it out there anyways...Have you thought about sending him back this way to your brother or parents? That worked for Dweezil and me. I gave him to my sister when I moved back and he's in a bigger home with more people now and I still get to see him...

SeaEych said...

Yason - I wish that were an option but I've been told "don't get your hopes up," so basically I'm stuck. Nobody back home will take him on. Honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point.

Although, I'm really hopeful that it'll get figured out today.

Anonymous said...

I say boot the cats in favor of Dudley.

Susan said...

What would the Dog wisperer do? Also, Dudley came first before her or the cats. Loyalty much? Things aren't always easy and you shouldn't always just walk away when they get hard. Just sayin.

Krystal said...

This is the saddest thing ever...My friend had to get rid of her dog that she loved more than anything because the baby she had was allergic! - Personally, I'd get rid of the kid - Just kidding! Maybe!

But about Dudley, do you think that he could adjust to the cats after some time? My dog seems to adjust to things he's scared of (even if he gets so anxious that he throws up, etc) if we give him time and sit with him, etc.

SeaEych said...

Krystal, he becomes so agitated that it's unrealistic to hope for such a miracle. He deserves a life without that stress and he has a play date tomorrow...fingers crossed!!

And also, add one more reason why having children is not on my list of things to do!

Tess Lynch said...

Um, am I a creep that I found your blog snooping on Georgia's?

There's a great place called Cagefree K-9 Camp in West LA; they do boarding and adopt out shelter dogs. They're super-nice and would probably offer some help of where to turn, letting you put up a flyer (all of their clients are animal dog boarding style)...they might even know someone looking for a small friendly dog.

Good luck! Hopefully he already has a home and this was just me outing myself as a creeper.

SeaEych said...

Hello Tess - Thanks for the tip but Dudley is at a sleep over tonight! It may stretch into a live-over, fingers crossed.

We (and by we I mean Georgia) found a fantastic couple who have a wonderful little chap who could use some company while they're gone during the days. If all works out (fingers crossed) we'll happily be passing Dudley to another great home and a great family. We'll be able to visit him, his new family and probably play some serious games of Cranium (they seem like the type - I know I am.)

And as for being a creeper...well...all I'll say is that your blog has already been pointed out to me and I may or may not (I totally did) have read it.