Monday, June 7, 2010

Coffee and Pie

Pigeons love each other for ever and ever, totally monogamous. I should mention that I say this with as much certainty as I lack in credibility. This is a self-theory that I've not bothered to research. Yes, I'm on my computer at this moment and it would take two words typed into my searcher space but I'm happy to believe my little dream.

For the past year there have been pigeons that live above my back *patio and we've grown together over that time. The won't eat out of my hand yet and while I've not tried it with actual food, just paper drawings of pizza slices, I'm leaving in less than a month and I can't stomach the idea of leaving birds who eat from my hand, so that part of my experimenting will have to stop. They really do seem to love one another though and I've enjoyed watching them groom each other and just chill out, watching people...people being people.

They did lose a loved one earlier this year, I put bread out for them, as you do when a loved one dies. (Note: If you are making food for a person, who has recently lost a loved-one, don't just put a steak on top of a fence, it ruins most of the effect.) Somewhere I have a picture of the egg laying on the ground, cracked, but I will not post it, as I want to protect their privacy.

My eyes happened up today as they were grooming and I got lost in the moment for a few seconds too long. When I looked down again Georgia's birthday cheesecake was filled up to the very top of the spring form pan. I had no idea what to do, looking back I could have scooped it out but sometimes I just don't think, I go full steam ahead like the moron that I am. The fucking cake looks like a pile of cheese-puke now, there is no upper stiffened, slightly browned crust. Instead it looks like someone cut the top off a cheesecake and put that part into their fat face.

I will salvage this mess the only way I know how = A HEART MADE OF RASPBERRIES!!!

This is an example of me trying something and being unhappy with the results. Not unlike my cowboy coffee this weekend. Ever try this? Apparently you can....

boil coffee and water in a pot.

Throw an egg in there, as it cooks the grounds get caught up in there...yes, crack it first.

The cooked egg looks like fucking hell.

But in the end the coffee wasn't all that bad and the egg caught a lot of the coffee (not pictured is when I poured the coffee through a paper towel.)

In all honesty I didn't really want coffee anyway, Georgia did and I made this for her, she thought it was fine but I still ended up buying an iced coffee for her as I always feel the need to "make up" for sloppy work. She now has her coffee maker back from her friend (I think) and I'm still not in the mood for coffee...I'm going to have to eat more cheesecake tonight though, which I'll manage...I'm sure.

PS. I've found a new Weapon of Mass Distraction in the raspberry heart:

*Patio - in this case, simply means a 4x10 foot slab of cement behind my apartment that smells of dead fish.

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