Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why would I care about xkcd's color bull shit?

Why the fuck do we care?

It's all over Tumblr, it's front page on Reddit, it's probably on Digg (but that site is so fucking awful I refuse to even go check,) and some ass hole friend has already emailed it to you.

THIS JUST IN: men and women are different!!!

Okay, so women know colors better, they give a shit about the difference between the many different greens, men don't care. To men green is either "yeah, I like that green," or "I don't really like that green." Do we really need more? No, probably not. But if we do, well we turn to our left and say, "woman, what color green is that?" When they answer we pat them on the head and reward them later by slathering our tongues all up on their vaginas.

I just don't fucking get why anyone cares about how we all differently label colors? Of course the Reddit comments are no help, it's a bunch of ass holes thinking they are funny, I'm often one of these ass holes so I get it but again it leads me to no conclusion why anyone would care.

My favorite magazines are Psychology Today, Wired, and Money the main reason is that they are all studies and statistics (breaking it waaay down, I realize they are all more than that) just like this little color bull shit...but still I don't care. The same way I don't think that Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination just because a Fox News poll shows him leading Romney, Huckabee, and Palin by the count of 48%, 44%, 38%, and 36%...because, you know, call me crazy but something seems wrong there.

It should also be noted that I've realized that I'm color-retarded. It is very different than being color blind. I never fail to see the different numbers in those color blind tests and shit like that, but ask me what colors they are and I have no idea. There is a certain type of green that looks blue and certain blue that looks green, yellow and orange often trip me up, but in the end it's just that I don't really give a shit.

What I do care about is when people refer to sweatshirts as sweaters. It's a California thing and it's almost reason enough to never move here...well, that and we don't want you.

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