Monday, May 17, 2010

Taking Action; For No Reason

There are reasons to break routine or just to do something for the sake of doing something; rarely is the result amazing or ground breaking but it passes the time.

I can imagine the scene at my landlord's home this weekend; "I haven't done anything recently over at the apartments," to his wife. She probably wasn't listening, certainly nobody with any sense heard him.

While my apartment is very small it does have the benefit of having zero shared walls. It is a tiny bungalow where you could hear me farting from any room. I do like it here, it certainly wouldn't be for everyone but it's plenty for me. It stays relatively cool in the summer and doesn't need much heat in the winter, granted this is Los Angeles. Although, I have a large tree in front that blocks much of my roof from the sun during the summer months.

There is a small shelf that I built into my kitchen window. It hold's my vitamins, salt, pepper, oil, and maybe a few more things. It's the one window that I can always leave open, no blinds.
  1. 2 windows in my bedroom, each looking directly into my neighbor's apartments from maybe 10 feet, probably less.
  2. 3 in my living room, all of which are frequently walked past by the other members of our little bungalow block. Easy to look into, hard to be private.
  3. 2 windows in my kitchen, they face opposite directions. The one that looks West is the one that I open while I'm doing dishes but the hard core Christian sisters (about 55-65 years old) that live next door are awfully "screamy" about their lawn decorations (read: outside cats.) The other window is small, it's the one with the shelf and it's perfect, the blinds have never been down because it faces only the tree in my front yard.
Of course, I arrived home today to find that my tree has been 99% removed. It's going to be hot as shit in here soon and my blind is already closed. It didn't take me walking into my apartment to realize the awfulness of this idea. When these situations arise there is always a moment where you are forced to bite your tongue or get into a conversation that is of no interest to any party.

"Oh you trimmed the tree huh? Lot's!"

"Yeah, looks good right?"

"Yeah." Unlock my door, walk in, shake my head and think about the stupid shit I've done just to feel as if I'm doing something. It's not the worst thing that's happened to me, just another annoyance that will piss me off for a few days.

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