Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday - Tenacious D? Sort of.

I've given some thought to my blog, which makes it decidedly more serious than I anticipated it ever being but basically I've come up with a theme for each day. There is no hard and fast rule that I have to adhere to the thematic decision that was made at random one afternoon a few weeks ago, case in point - I've yet to follow it (save one post,) but when I'm stuck it gives me something to do. Today is supposed to be Music Monday, I'll give you a quick look before I jump into MM.

  1. Music Monday - anything about music. I love music but I have no hopes of ever being one of those MP3 bloggers who gets all the newest music sent to their homes. The amount of work that those (Gorilla vs. Bear, MOKB, Skatterbrain, et al.) must put into their work guarantees that I'll never have the time to do that, nor the patience, and mostly I'd never be interested enough. That said, I do love music.
  2. Revieusday - clever huh? Alliteration on Monday to using a play on a first-syllabic-rhyme for Tuesday. I'm really living life to the fullest. Basically I can just review shit on Tuesdays. Beer, books, beards, perhaps even things that start with different letters.
  3. Memory Lane Wednesday - Seriously uncute name. But an important day if there ever was one. This is where I'll tell you about the shit that makes me who I am...and when my therapist tells me who I am I'll even let you in on that.
  4. Thurecipe - Not always food. I've remade chairs and tables, built art projects and I can fill them in like recipes. Probably a good way to fill my blog with pictures.
  5. Facing Fear Friday - This is under protest and I'll revisit it at another time.
  6. Hacky Saturday - Just life hacks. I often don't feel like/have time to write on Saturdays so it's likely to devolve into lists of shit.
  7. Blech Sabbath - I can do whatever I like.
So here is an example of how loose this format is going to be...

Tenacious D. "Friendship is Rare"

See, growing up I never really realized that my parents didn't have friends really. They kept a very tight circle whom they never visited, spoke with, or generally seemed too interested in spending any time with. For a long time I believe my mother when she would talk about how busy she was but now I'm an adult and I realize that working 2 or 3 days a week and complaining about being busy is really ludicrous. The only reason she's busy is because of the amount of time she wastes complaining about just that.

The further I get from home the more I want certain traits to pass me over, my nephews too. Hopefully we can weed them right out of our gene-pool altogether. When the Tenacious D album came out I was living with Jay, we were then and are today great friends..."besties" sure but dudes with units like ours don't use words like that (read: if you average our penis sizes we are somewhere around average for Sri Lanka...and I have no idea what that means.) I always attribute that song to him and that time. Music really does suck me right back to the time when I first heard it.

Now I realize, friendship is fucking rare. It's tough work being friends with people. First of all people are pretty annoying; they are rarely exactly who you want them to be, and when they are you just marry the fuck out of them regardless of their sex. At 30 years old I've had so many friends come and go, I can only imagine this will continue on through my life. My brother and I have spoken about making friends and how it only gets more difficult. Thankfully right now my girlfriend is wonderful and her friends, for the most part, are pretty alright.

We are applying to be bestie-couple friends with some couple we met at a party. I don't think this other couple understands that we are actually going to stalk them until they relent and become friends with us, in fact I'm 99.9% certain he doesn't have the foggiest clue what my name is, which would put us on equal footing but he is a director and we found some of his (extremely popular) videos online, so we yanked his name from the credits. Hopefully someday they'll read this and it'll ruin our friendship, my ladymate would be so pissed ("hopefully" was sarcastic baby...just kidding she doesn't read this blog, if she did she would know that I'm functionally retarded. (I hope "functionally" applies at least.))

Only Nate has been to each of my birthdays since I moved to LA. 1 person. He came to dinner the first and and then left right away, the next year he hung out despite his ex being there, the next year we were living together, this year he and the ladytron were the only peeps there. I do have a bunch of friends whom I could call up and hang out with but of them few wedding invitations would I receive should things go that way. This is not to say that I don't love these people, I do; alls I am saying is that friendship is rare and it takes fucking hard work.

You think the Gorilla vs. Bear dude has friends??!! Probably, but his best relationships have undoubtedly taken at least the same effort to create as did his blog. And kudos for it. But don't ever think the work is done. It's tough to stay in touch with Jay. It's difficult to see Nate. I rarely talk to Kyle, Emily, Brad, Courtney, etc. of those people only 2 of them even know I have this's tough work but then again I don't want the tough part to be the part where I say it's difficult and put forth zero effort, then I'd just be my mother...and that's why I start therapy again tomorrow.

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