Sunday, May 9, 2010

Life Wink: 1

Have you listened to This American Life #379 where Dan Savage talks about his mother dying? Did you get tears in your eyes? It's playing right now in the background and it's really freaking good, as Dan Savage usually is.

Today is mother's day, I have called mine to tell her that I won't be able to come home in June, as I had planned...more leg bills are holding me back from a lot of shit, travel being one of them. She was sad. And, there is nothing like a little slap in the face of your mother on her day. I would feel worse if I had decided just not to go home but it's more a matter of money than anything really, I just feel I should continue to save.

I woke up at my girlfriend's house this morning, ran home to walk to dogs, shower, and do a few things before heading back over there to celebrate mother's day with her family.

It's strange how things get connected in our everyday life. I didn't know that I would listen to TAL while I was filling out a spreadsheet for work. I didn't know that the third act of the radio show would be a gay man talking about his mother's death, my listening on mother's day. I didn't know that gay man would talk about his faith, his religion but for whatever reason I took this picture at my girlfriend's house, where people put little items they don't want anymore.

Whenever I see a book on the ledge I stop and leaf through it briefly to see if it would be of any interest whatsoever. Today there were these two books, both dealing with the gay community. Both intended for gay men to read them. And inside a bookmark of a saint. Some religion from a gay man, on mother's day. 30 minutes later I would fall into more of the same. It's just pretty cool when those little life winks happen.

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