Saturday, May 15, 2010


After being open and untouched for about 35 minutes my screen saver pops up with the single word "create," to gently remind me of my only goal for 2010; create something everyday.

The goal is an imprecise as it is lofty, in many ways. Surely days have gone by and I've failed to create anything substantial my overall tally sits well above the amount of days we've conquered in 2010 so far. I didn't really give myself rules for this creation experiment so I've been forced to make them up as I go along. Here are a few that I can readily think of:

  1. Creating a blog counts only once. I cannot simply post something on my blog and have it count towards a creation. However, if I were to write a piece of fiction and post it here I would surely count that.
  2. Meals can count but they need be a challenge and completely new to me. A few meals that I've counted have been; fish tacos, chard and tomato gnocchi, and chicken noodle soup from scratch.
  3. Starting can be creating. Some projects cannot be finished in one day so if I make some serious progress towards an end it will count. Case in point: demo - I've been working on it very hard in spurts.
  4. Recreating is very much in play.
Yesterday, I had hoped to work on my demo but my girlfriend and her friend are recording new videos for a certain television network's website and they needed a little help. They will be filming at my-not-girlfriend's apartment so they were busy setting things up all week. It's been crazy really; 12 new drinks, dresses, recipes, scripts, etc. They told me they were going to redo her kitchen table so that it would look nice. They were going to sneak this project into the middle of their day. This is the type of project that actually offends me when I'm not asked to help. Power tools?! Remaking furniture?! And I'm not invited.

I offered to do the table. Saying that they had enough to worry about, or something along those lines. It gave me boyfriend points, it gave me my daily creation, and it gave me a chance to put my blue-collar-perfectionism to a task.

while not too much of a perfectionist there are certain projects types of things (mostly blue collar in nature) where I cannot settle for "decent" or "done enough" or "reality show quality work," I have to go all the fuck out and make it look like someone did it who knows what the fuck they are doing. usually I don't know but I fake it.

So after about 2 hours of sanding the topside of the table I stained it. According to my inside sources it came out looking just great...then again, one of them is in love with me and the other is in love with me as a boyfriend for her friend, so the bias is heavy. I'm sure, when I eventually see it, the flaws will be the only things I see, which is pretty much the way it goes.

Today's creations revolve around my "album" or demo, or whatever the hell it is, even I'm not sure.

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