Saturday, April 10, 2010


Why has nobody figured out the Donald Trump has obviously had hair flap surgery? For the amount that people talk (or did talk) about his hair when he comes into the news nobody ever suggests the obvious. I looked at pictures of hair flapping a few months ago and it is easily the answer.

After my leg bull shit I started losing my hair. Initially I had no interest in using gels or liquids so I figured I'd just let it get to a certain point, save a shit load of money and fap. Once done with that I would flap. After seeing the pictures I decided to just try Rogain. I used it for about a month and my hair stopped falling out. Then I got a girlfriend, stopped using it altogether and my hair has actually grown back. That isn't supposed to happen but I guess it was just stress that was making my hair fall out.

With the flapping they basically cut a chunk of your scalp off along the side of your head, fold it over the balding part and bam, you have hair again. The problem is that the hair continues to grow in the same direction that it has always grown, giving you crazy parts and generally weird looking hair. Donald Trump fits the bill. Yet, no part of me cares, at all.

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