Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skip this.

There is an air of unease today and it's made all the worse by the fact that there is no real reason for it.

132 or so people were arrested yesterday at the Dodger's opening home game, I can almost smell the peanuts from the living room of my apartment. I could certainly have heard the gun shot yesterday had I been home for it, that wasn't from the stadium, instead it was on my corner. Walking my dogs on their (nearly) final walk of the night at about 11:30 there was a triple flash of a very odd green light that was accompanied by some sort of War of the World's noise - this incident remains little more than just another mystery to me today. I've searched online, helicopters and sirens followed within minutes yet the online community has been silent.

Laying back down in bed to snuggle up with some YouTube conspiracy videos, I was quickly heading for sleep. The videos are not an every night thing for me, especially this brand, but I was in a certain mood so I embraced it. A little while after starting my videos my dog jumped up into bed with me and rested her head on my arm. There was a few minutes left to the day before I shut my computer and closed my eyes, so I let her stay there.

Sleep wouldn't come. No matter what I tried. Eventually she started shaking and moving around a lot so I had to bring her back outside for a quick piss. For what it's worth I woke up at about 6am today but I went to sleep at about 2:30. Or that's my guess for when I actually fell asleep.

Perhaps there is an answer why I've been in such a strange mood today but I've been known to get less sleep. I feel almost empty today, not tired. Fuck it. I'll just try again tomorrow I suppose.

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Bill P. said...

Dude, I saw that flash of light too!!! I jumped off the couch, waking Joan up and scrambling to the window to try and figure out what it was, but it never repeated. I have no idea what it was, though a couple days later I saw the story about the giant fireball in Ohio and just kinda assumed that it must have been another sign of the apocalypse or the impending takeover of the human race by our alien overlords. Can't believe you saw that. What was the noise, because I didn't really hear any noise, though I had a movie on at the time, so I probably wouldn't have heard it anyways.