Thursday, April 8, 2010

No idea.

May day involves several, 20+, interactions a day, all of which last about 2-5 minutes. Other than that I'm alone in my car and trapped in my head. It's usually a series of 5-15 minute drives. Because my thoughts are always being broken up I usually become fixated on a few thoughts that come and go throughout the week. The pace to my life is frenzied from about 7am - 5pm, at which point it slows down....way the fuck down. For whatever reason though, my mind does not.

Years ago, I asked my friends what my most annoying habit was and Kyle told me it's that I come up with lots of big ideas and do nothing with them. He was as right then as that statement still is today. I feel a great part of that is due to my in-and-out job carrying over into the rest of my life.

Don't get me wrong, I fucking love my job. I really can't imagine doing anything else but there are times when I work from sun up to sun down and it'll drive anyone crazy. I've made, in the past months, an effort to put it away at a certain time. That may mean 8pm one night and 5pm the next night. This blog is one way I put away work - it's probably the only reason I have it in the first place.

Today, a recurring theme in my brain was all the big ideas that have come and gone or still linger. Do you have ideas that have rested just on the sidelines for years? Why aren't you doing them? What is your excuse? Do you live by the 'why put of until tomorrow what you can put off until next week' model?

It's funny because at work I always just do it now. I hate saying that I'll come back and finish something, rather than just taking care of it right then and there. That part of work does not carry over.

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