Sunday, April 25, 2010


I don't review things all that often, every now and again I'll stop by Yelp to read reviews but I've also heard that Yelp is a racket and it's all bull shit when you get right down to the heart. Basically I look at the pictures that have been submitted and decide for myself if I'd like to go wherever it is I am considering. But I buy records from time to time and I happened upon a great one recently.

On record store day I went and set up some Function: Alternative Energy Strawberry Guava Margaritas, at Origami Vinyl, it was crazy. There were a ton of people floating in and out, catching some live music in the loft and buying up albums at discounted prices. I got a little drunk and left my set up there. The following day I had to work at a Costco in Torrance. When I got back home from there I immediately fell asleep and didn't pick up my shit.

That Monday I went down to pick up a table, an ice barrel, and some other random things so I decided to buy an album as well. Usually the wall is reserved for the special albums, it is where I bought the Dum Dum Girls, The Thermals, and a few other albums, new releases, limiteds, etc. Then in the bins are an eclectic collection of indie music for hipsters. That Monday, after record store day wrecked havoc on inventory I was looking at 5-6 different Pantera albums on the wall. Perhaps I picked the wrong day to buy an album but I can't help but just buy one when my heart is set on it.

Looking for a few albums I've been wanting but are never there; The Bees, Welcome Wagon, or Noah and the Whale (all "summer" albums to me.) Not only where those albums not there, neither were any that I really wanted. It was time to shop by cover art only. I guess they're famous and shit but I had never heard of "fun." but I bought it and let me tell you, it's a fucking party.

I threw it in and started to shake my hips a little, my feet started to swim around my kitchen and minutes into the first song the dogs where jumping at me as I danced around my apartment as though I was an extra on Fame.

It's like Elton John were born in 1984, he got caught up in the indie-pop scene of Olympia and moved to Portland at the age of 21, he kicked around for a while until he finally met a man around the same age. His name was Freddy Mercury. Freddy had just arrived from Athens, Georgia and was looking for a band that matched up with his pop-sensibility...this is what I think of when I think of fun. Even though their name sort of pisses me of, being lowercase, with a period, and so easy to use in the describing of the band itself...oh well.

One of the owners of OVinyl, who took my $, said something like; "nice, I can't believe this copy made it through record store day." I agreed as if I had some fucking clue who they were. I paid, drove home, and just like magic there was Freddy and Elton...sort of.

Other albums I bought without knowing who the band was, that worked out:
- Ween, Chocolate and Cheese (this album got me into non-radio music)
- Ryan Adams, Demolition (got me to explore alt-country)
- Avett Brothers - 4 Thieves (now my favorite band in the world)

Pretty good track record so far.

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