Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ultimate Thrift Shopping

The past two weeks I've gone to estate sales in Beverly Hills and then in the Hollywood Hills. The rich people who lived in both houses had an affinity for ungodly ugly wallpapers, usually featuring gold foiling of some sort. There has also been an unusual amount of carpeted bathrooms and kitchens which hadn't been updated since the 70's.

At my first house I found only a trivet that has a picture of an obvious Lifesman at a bar. Since I aspire to attain lifesmanship status sometime in the near future I bought it and promptly hung it on my wall. I will later devise a story worthy of, at least, some gamesmanship's approval.

This past Saturday though, as luck would have it, this family kept a nice little bar. Just walking into this room you had an overwhelming sense that this was the very place that sprung many of the late (I assume, I mean I at least like to think they're dead) couple's arguments. The rug was a little older than all other rooms. It still smelled of cigarettes despite the crisp mountain air blowing in off the pool through two large, and very open, doors. The shelves were littered with poker chips, well kept decks of cards, and sets of dice. The bar was in the corner by the door.

Georgia bought a little garbage that was kept in the room, it was not placed there by the organizers of the estate sale, as it smelled exactly like a plastic tomb for hundreds of thousands of cigarette butts stretched over 20 years. Where did people buy such items before Target? Best not to think about it, that's where stress wrinkles come from.

While she was excited by the garbage, she excites easily (see: the fact that she's dating me,) I was drawn to the bar itself. Several bottles of old liquor, I didn't trust those so I looked through glasses, stirrers, napkins, and other small items. Eventually though I stumbled upon an amazing set of 4 glass containers labeled; Scotch, Rum, Vodka, and Bourbon. They had a metal piece atop them with a carb in the middle, when pressed they doll out an even shot.

Of course I now own them.

I almost felt bad the following day when I had some friends over for a BBQ and I made some flity drink using white wine (from a box,) with pureed banana, papaya, and cherimoya. Then again, we all got a little buzz so I think it'd be alright with the previous owner. From here on out though I'm using them as labeled. With an off chance that from time to time they will have some fruity little drink but I'll claim that I've only made that drink for the ladies.

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