Thursday, March 18, 2010

Powerful Ass Holes

There should be little doubt that the world is filled with ass holes. If, however, you do doubt this please go talk to someone who owns a boat. If upon first speaking with them you are still unconvinced as them how many times they’ve had it on the water, how many times they’ve had to fix it, if they needed to buy a new car to tow it, and if they wish they could get out on the water more often. Much like the Brady Bunch’s bicycles, which were never ridden but always being fixed, boats remain either docked or in the shop for a majority of their life. Yes, they are a great deal of fun but the air of arrogance the swirls around a boat owner (particularly one in Southern California) is fucking filthy.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely; this is a saying that is familiar to most people. It has been psychologically tested throughout time and yet again recently in France. Using a well known television game show host (think Tom Bergeron here in the US) and filled an audience. The idea of the show was to pull someone at random to administer a shock of electricity to the contestant each time they got a question wrong. The contestant was acting – not really receiving the juice at all. Both audience and “shocker” were under the impression that the shocks were being received and out of 100 different “shockers” only 18 stopped before putting the contestant to death.

Fucking France!! These are the rational people who always knew that the Iraq war was bull shit. The people who came to our defense in the Revolutionary War, essentially helping us turn away the British troops. Sorry France, we don’t mention that last bit in our high school history classes but we do mention that you gave us the Statue of Liberty…oh, and we serve French Freedom Fries.

As a country we have no idea how many Iraqis we have killed, how many Vietnamese we killed. We have no understanding of why the Germans were persuaded to start killing so many Jews. We are apathetic. Most of us are fat and stupid too, but that’s mostly just for the fun of it. A very small portion of our population can afford to own a boat but we’ve all found room in our budgets, here and world wide, to be ass holes.

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