Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's written in the stars, via the newspaper

Somewhere in Manitoba (I believe,) sometime way in the early part of the last century my grandmother was born, her last name Young. The town, or area was the same as another Young, his name Neil. Somehow, we believe, that we may be related. I tell people he's my cousin but I don't really know that for sure.

Neil Young plans recording sessions and tours around the cycles of the moon. He believes in the creative energy of a full moon, you can see it referenced throughout his music. It makes me think that we are perhaps related because I believe the same thing...in a way.

I always feel different with a full moon, I'll be acting weird, full of energy and excited, when the past week has been down and dumpy, I'll look up at night and sure enough the sky is brightened by a full moon. Or conversely, my mood will be relatively great and I'll suddenly have a somber night, only to realize there is a full moon. It's probably not 100% of the time but I do notice these things happening quiet often.

The sky doesn't really tell us shit, for example I never believe my horoscope unless it reads like I would like my day to read out. Every now and again it seems to fall exactly in line with life and it's these little coincidences that people catch that probably lead them to follow blindly any sort of horoscope, religion, politician, etc.

Tomorrow I have a review with my CEO and my horoscope for tomorrow only talks about work, getting a raise, and things like that. But tonight is a full moon and my horoscope is telling me to be creative...so I'll listen. Maybe if I make tonight's true, tomorrow's will fall in line.

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