Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Gift

On Valentine’s Day I met a girl, I know how ominous that is for a year from now when, if she keeps me around, we’ll celebrate 1 year of meeting each other and Valentine’s Day all at the same time. I tend to go overboard when it comes to gifts so I might better start saving/planning now. Every year, twelve days after Valentine’s, I celebrate 1 more year on Earth and this year was no different.

Birthdays are generally a quiet celebration for me. I tend to go grab food with Nate and another person or two. This year it was just Georgia, my new lady friend, and Nate. The three of us went out for laughs at the expense of everyone we could think of – not people we know, just groups of people. We basically turned the conversation towards awful theme restaurants, ones that nobody would ever invent. Such as KKK’s Fried Foods – where the staff would act as horrifically as you would assume. We all had a great time and it’s always a sure test to bring a new girl around to show your friends, they tend to give you an honest read. The only problem with that test is when your friend doesn’t like the new girl/boy you’re dating because then you just say; “you just need to get to know them better, you’ll love them.” They won’t. But nobody listens to advice they don’t want.

(I don't have a glass, lazy, or otherwise strange looking eye...other than in this picture.)

The real story was the night before my birthday when Georgia did the sweetest thing that any girl has ever done for me…a short 12 days after having first met me. We shoot text message emails to each other throughout the day. I call them that because they are usually really short. We include weird facts about ourselves. She offered her love for McDonald’s soft serve vanilla ice cream to which I responded that I love Thursdays at Dairy Frost in Broadalbin, NY where I would get a soft pistachio cone with cherry dip. It was a throw away comment as few people know what Dairy Frost is, and even if they do it wouldn’t much matter here in Los Angeles. Anyway, those are the silly little things we talk about. Maybe not completely unusual for people getting to know one another but often we get weird on each other too.

“Hey, will you come over and we can grab a drink for your birthday?”

“My birthday is tomorrow. We are going out to dinner; you really don’t have to buy me a drink tonight.”

I said all of that but there was no way I wasn’t going to go over. She could have said; “come over and listen to me play tuba, I just bought it today and I have no idea what I’m doing,” I’d’ve still gone over. When I got there she told me to stay out of her kitchen. She sat me down in her living room and got me a glass of wine, followed by several mixing blades, spatulas, and other kitchen tools filthy with some concoction she was creating to surprise me.

Applebee’s is a shitty theme restaurant, not exactly KKK’s Fried Foods, but nonetheless a chain restaurant, which is to food what Nickleback is to rock and roll music. A crappy chain that I happened to work at for over a year. The tips fly in fast as tables turn and you get to eat crappy food all week long. It was a pretty fun job for the most part and I was a manager once or twice a week, I waited most of the time but when in a pinch I would cook for a shift. With all those wonderful skills at my disposal I wouldn’t settle for menu food when I sat down to eat myself. Often I would take the best ingredients, smash them together until it was edible. I mentioned a little of this on my first date with Georgia, nothing beat an Applebee’s Maple Butter Blondie. Fuck. Good stuff, honestly.

“Do you know what it is?” I had no idea, based on the batter it was uncooked, that’s about all I could surmise.

She came and sat with me as it baked. We laughed because I’m fucking funny (so is she but read her blog for that.) About a half hour or so later a little bell went off (I don’t really know if there was a bell but in my mind it makes this story easier,) and she went in, cut a piece and brought it out for me. I made her sing because she said she’s not a karaoke type so I wanted to put her on the spot. Sweetly she complied. I should have made her sing it several times until she was ready to kill me, humor hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

The other day I had an appointment at a therapist, because my head is broken, and when I got into the elevator a woman followed me; “what floor do you need.”

She shot back with; “can I have 5 please.” I pushed the button and then laughed a little bit. I could tell she thought I was crazy so I had to explain that my humor hindsight really wishes I had turned to give her a high five and not pushed a button. She actually thought it was funny – or at least she figured she should laugh rather than be uncomfortably stuck for 5 floors with a weirdo who was angry that his joke failed.

I didn’t make Georgia sing again. What she brought me was a recipe built of innocuous/throw away comments I had made in just 12 short days; but those comments created an amazing pistachio-cherry blondie. I was really blown away. A little nervous because cooked cherries are questionable in my opinion but my nerves were quickly dispelled as I took my first bite. It was delicious and even better cold over the next several days.

Now the blondie is gone. Georgia is napping on my bed as I write this though, I win.


beth said...

how sweet. seriously that is so thoughtful. you deserve a thoughtful girl. I hope this story keeps going well for you. and thanks for the email.

things are good here. still in austin. and we are both 30! wtf? i still dont like austin but whatever. more later.

hope you and georgia(beautiful name) have a great weekend. talk soon.

SeaEych said...

Yeah, 30! It's already better than 29 was. Happy Birthday to you! Belated of course but we're still within our sign.