Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend Georgia, my girlfriend, and I met up with her family for lunch. It was her mom's birthday. This was my first time meeting her mom, she was great. Her family is really nice and generally fun to be around. I'm not going to write about them but rather, something I noted and now I'm wondering how universal it is.

When we are just hanging out and chatting about our families we both tend to talk about the things that we have in common with our siblings or parents. This past week she was telling me the story of her secret handshake with her brother and how it was borne of a common hatred for a common foe. I told her about how my brother and I share a common hatred for everything.

I've told her that I look like my mom but act like a Hughes. My sister and I, though not of blood relation, share our sense of humor. She looks like her father and cooks like her mother. It goes on.

Yet, for the amount of stories I've been told I found myself pulling out the differences. When her sister said something I thought to myself, "Georgia wouldn't have said that," and then I wondered why I instantly thought that. I guess it was because we don't talk about the differences so much. People like to look at the ways they fit into their families as well as the ways we don't fit it - yet it's easier and lighter to talk about those similarities we have. So why then, as an outsider was I looking only for differences.

It wasn't as if I didn't want to see any similarities, as I said earlier I really do enjoy her family, but I think I always do this. I also think it's pretty natural whenever we meet a friend's family. Those striking physical similarities aside, I always start to notice the differences right away.

Why is this? Is that a negative trait? I'm pretty curious now.

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