Sunday, March 7, 2010

Come and Sell to me.

Often our instincts are dead on, sometimes we talk ourselves out of listening. Even when we do listen we are likely to give in to the temptation to try other ways, although most of the time we return to our initial action. This weekend was attempt 4 of rearranging my apartment. It's now back to mostly it's original form.

I took apart a desk that was far too big for the space that I have and I bought a cheap coffee table, other than that I've spent no money. My entertainment stand is one that I built before moving in and it used to house the coolest technologies from 1997. There was a 37" tube style television, an eMac from 2004, record player, and several other antiquated items. Honestly I would have been so fucking cool ten years ago.

There is no better way to feel good about yourself than by doing something for someone else. This is especially true when you're benefiting yourself in some way. My huge, waste of space, television was eventually put up for free on craigslist. The woman who came to pick it up was helping her newly divorced friend put together a new apartment. Right now (well, it's late but probably earlier today) two young kids where watching that television. So now, instead of telling people; "it was way too big for my apartment," I can say things about how I gave it to a newly divorced woman who was on her own for the first time in 12 years. The only lie in that statement is that I'm playing the "12 years" portion off as fact - but I have no idea how long it's been.

Now I'm watching movies on the tube television version of an Apple computer. I blame Best Buy. For the past several months I have had the money and the good credit to buy the iMac that I want. There are a few things holding me back.

The first thing is that I know, for what I want, I could just as easily save several hundred dollars by buying a Mac Mini and a monitor. All I really want it for is a place to watch Hulu and Netflix, record songs, and surf around the internet a little. It seems somehow wasteful to go buy a really nice computer for that. But, I think to myself, that an iMac will last a long time and I'll end up using it for so much more.

The main reason, however, comes back to Best Buy and their floor sales team. As a salesman myself I want to be sold. I go in hoping that someone will talk me into their financing program. There is nothing I love more that another monthly bill. Every three to five weeks I stumble into a Best Buy on a Saturday hoping to be sold, only one time has someone approached me and he said; "we're going to be getting the really good ones this Saturday." What the fuck kind of sales approach is that? A shitty one. So I wouldn't buy one then.

Now though, with my new apartment set up I really would like to have that new iMac sitting out here. However, no matter how much I want it, it has become a game. I'll stop by after work sometime this week and see if they'll sell me, if not the game continues. I'm pretty sure I started this around September or October so I see no need to end it now.


Anonymous said...

Just FYI....I'm not a salesman, but a teacher and a mom of college kids. Every year starting end of May, if you buy a Mac computer directly from Apple (always the way to go by the way) you also get a free ipod touch (worth about $299) Of course you have to buy both first and then apply online for the full rebate price of the IPOD, but hey. In my honest opinion, it's well worth it. Consider it your little perk for good deed doing. Also for the record, I would NEVEr make a major purchase from Best Buy as their return policy SUCKS!!!! Never have a I had a positive high dollar purchasing experience from them. APPLE however ROCKS!!!

SeaEych said...

Thanks for the little life-hack but at this point it's honestly more about the thrill of the game, sadly.

dotlung said...

my friend works for apple corporate. i can get you at least 15% off retail. just email me exactly what you want and CC info.