Monday, March 15, 2010

3 Podcasts and a Calendar

Just wanted to write a few notes today, I came home and sat down to do some more work and as I often do while pouring through spreadsheets I opened up my iTunes, waited a few minutes to see what podcasts updated and then started listening through my work.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Everyone I know already listens to This American Life and Radiolab. Good, you should continue to do so because they are simply amazing - I won't even go into why they are great because most of you already know.

2. I've suggested this to a few people and if you're creative at all, in any field, you should be listening to Accidental Creative. I believe it could help you even if you are, like me, a salesman. No matter where your income comes from we live in a world where the creative people win, this is a great tool for all creative people, pretty simple.

3. Upon the suggestion of the Accidental Creative podcast that is currently listening to I'm going to check into Seth Godin the author. For reference, I'm listening to AC #186.

I've also begun, again, to use my calendar on my phone. I've put in some important dates, birthdays and the like but I've also put in an hour on Monday for creative ideation and an hour on Tuesdays for ideation that will benefit the glorious nation of my company. An hours worth of my hard thinking is worth about four seconds of most people's thoughts but perhaps I'll have a break through and invent a flat edible thing that we can use on either side of sandwich meats so that they stop falling all over our pants.

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